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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is GF Omakase Plan?
    It is a plan to make proposals, shooting, and editing all by "Random" according to the type of business, service, and product. High quality and low cost speed production is possible. Depending on the content, production with the GF Omakase Plan may not be suitable. In that case, please add an option or select "GF Simple Production Plan" or "Project Plan". Please see [Special Production Flow] for details on the production method. Reasons why the GF Omakase Plan is advantageous and of high quality: In order to express the image beautifully, it costs money for the shooting technology and the equipment used. In the "GF Omakase Plan", special shooting and default equipment costs are included in the price. With GOLDFISH's unique production style, abundant achievements and know-how, we propose video production suitable for the client's industry. ✔️ PR videos of companies (shops) and products (services) ✔️ Promotional video ✔️ Product video to be posted on the EC shop ✔️ We can support a wide range of video production such as facility and exhibition hall information. [Caution] Please note that TV advertisements, complicated processes, story-style videos, and productions that meet your needs cannot be produced with this plan.
  • What is the GF simple configuration plan?
    If you have an image or idea that you want to create, create it with the "GF Simple Configuration Plan". It is a plan to produce according to your request and budget. Depending on the content, it may be possible to respond with the "GF Omakase Plan" that can be produced reasonably. * Project production (planning / producing, direction / composition, shooting, editing) is based on the "project plan".
  • What is a special production flow?
    1Step: After a brief hearing of "7W1H" 2Step: We will propose a production image and present the production cost according to the type of industry, service, and product. 3Step: Produced with "GF Omakase Plan" or "GF Simple Configuration Plan" depending on the content. The video is completed in 3 steps! For details, please see the "Special Production Flow" page.
  • Can you make high quality videos at a low price?
    Nowadays, it is a convenient time to easily post photos and videos on the Internet, but the quality of self-operated images is limited, and depending on the visuals of the images, it may be counter-promoted. I want to ask a professional to make a video, but I'm worried about the budget and fees ... In such a case, Please use the "GF Omakase Plan". We have set a price that is easy to produce and a price that is easy to continue, eliminating cost and time-consuming items and man-hours that can be reduced. High-quality video production is possible with GOLDFISH's unique know-how that supplements the omitted items and man-hours, highly-skilled photographers, and shooting and editing with high-spec equipment.
  • What is the most common "passion"?"
    When producing with "GF Omakase Plan", if there is a temperature difference between us and the client, we will not be able to create a good work. The value of the entire work goes up or down depending on the "passion" of the client (person in charge). The cooperation of the client is very necessary at the shooting site. Common cases ... Since equipment will be installed on the day of shooting, we will set temporary closures and non-business days for shooting at actual stores, and make thorough preparations before shooting according to the contents of the incense board table (shooting schedule) given in advance. In the special shooting, the client's work, which is patiently associated with the shooting until the "OK take" is taken, will be better than expected, but the preparation is not so enthusiastic and "it interferes with the customer and work". "Don't do it", business and sales are prioritized over shooting, and works shot in such an environment affect the finish. The former and the latter have the same production cost, but the quality of the work is completely different.
  • Can videos of any industry be produced with the "GF Omakase Plan"?"
    You can create videos of any industry with the "GF Omakase Plan". However, we ask for your understanding and consent in advance that it is "Random". The "GF Omakase Plan" does not document production management such as planning, composition, and direction in advance, so if the person in charge has the right to make decisions, it will be a plan with high cost performance and production efficiency that allows video production in 3 steps. However, we recommend the "GF Simple Configuration Plan" or "Project Plan" for companies that require confirmation from upper management.
  • Is it possible to request shooting even though it is far away?
    Okay. We support in Japan and all over China. (Transportation accommodation fee for shooting staff and equipment carry-in fee will be added separately.) Chat, E-mail, LINE, zoom, QQ, WeChat that are fixedly displayed at the bottom left of the homepage Please feel free to contact us with the tool that is convenient for you.
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